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5 Tips When Building Residential Room Additions

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When expanding your home, create spaces that gel with the existing style and architecture of your residence. The construction and design of additional rooms must match your original structure. Achieving a seamless appearance does not make the room additions stand out like sore thumbs.

Always plan home remodels so the time, cost, and effort invested pays off eventually. Factor these critical considerations before commencing your remodeling project:

·  Identify the purpose for the new construction so you are clear about its intended use from the outset

·  Weigh the practicality and cost implications of redesigning an existing space versus building an additional one

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Home additions must be aesthetically and purposefully undertaken so they prove functional from a long-term perspective. They effectively increase your home’s value and can be customized to your specific needs.

Listed here are five valuable tips that help you make usable room additions to your residence, a reality:

Create a Detailed Plan

Whether you intend to add another living space, bedroom or bathroom, your existing property must be able to accommodate the new construction. While creating the plan ensure the addition does not interfere with your utility lines and consider the impact (if any), on your exterior architecture.

Define Your Budget

The cost of major home upgrades or remodels are calculated per square foot. To be able to set a feasible budget you first need to obtain quotations from at least three professional contractors. Cater for unforeseen costs by keeping a buffer amount over and above the quotes received.

If the cost is proving exorbitant you can either scale down your plans or reconsider your choice of materials. Reliable and reputed contractors can advise you best on how to work within your budget without compromising on quality.

Hire Experienced Specialists

Hiring the right contractor is essential for the success of your residential expansion plans. Ask around for references and subsequently assess the competence and experience of potential service providers.

You can also scan reviews posted online to obtain valuable feedback on the working style of the company you are considering hiring. Preferably stay clear of suspiciously low bids as then your subsequent room additions may not meet your expectations. 

Obtain Permits

Being familiar with local new construction codes enables you to obtain the necessary permits in advance. Local authorities can advise you on the permits you require before undertaking a remodeling project.

If there are restrictions regarding the distance you need to maintain from the neighboring property, legal home remodels must conform to the laid down laws.

Track Progress

Once the project commences, consistently track its progress with your construction manager. This allows you to raise your concerns while the work is ongoing.

You must take interest in how the work is progressing if you want the additional rooms to add value to your home. Suggesting modifications on completion of the entire project involves additional expense.

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