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What it Takes to Remodel a Cabin Today

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Restoring or remodeling an antique, cozy cabin not only stirs the imagination, it can also result in sky-high repair costs. Earlier decades brought about a flurry of traditional log cabin homes as manufacturers were able to offer cabin home kits that made the dream of owning an iconic A-frame escape a tangible reality. As time progressed, however, cabin demands increased and layout designs grew more complicated, more custom, and more exclusive.

Let’s dive into some log home-specific concerns:

Examining Your Cabin’s Structural Integrity

If you’re remodeling an older log home, examine the home’s current condition to find any damage or decay. Always look for mold or mildew by inspecting wooded areas with a knife to see if the wood is soft or sturdy. Striking the wood paneling with a hammer should also produce a sharp knocking sound if the wood is still intact. However, if the wood makes a flat clonking sound, maybe it has become feeble.

It’s also important check for insects that may burrow into your log cabin. While it is possible to remove mold and mildew and get rid of nasty pests, rotten wood usually has to be entirely replaced if the rot has impacted the cabin’s structural foundation and integrity.

Setting a Budget and Knowing How You Plan to Use Your Space

Listen carefully to the desires of those who will occupy the space. The person spending the most time and money in one specific room should be the person whose opinion matters. You want your remodel to make sense in terms of how you plan on utilizing your space. In other words, your design ideas and desires should function and flow within your existing space.

An experienced general contractor can help you fine-tune your design and needs and realistically bring them to life. Sometimes, this requires you, the homeowner, to compromise with your builder and set realistic goals of what can and cannot be done.

Consider Your Septic System

If you plan on adding bathrooms or bedrooms to your cabin remodel plans, than chances are you willed to replace your septic system. Examine your existing system first to rule out any problems. When planning your remodeling project, make sure you have space for the new system, including from your cabin and your neighbors’ properties.

You Get What You Pay For

Be wary of excessively marked down materials or ‘too good to be true’ costs of labor. Substandard materials and craftsmanship surely stir major headaches and debt down the line.

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