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Commercial Spaces That Wow Your Customers!

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Your business is far more than just four walls. As remote work continues to influence businesses from every sector and social media highlights the aesthetics of physical commercial spaces, your company’s appearance plays a vital role in your branding and commercial success. If you have a brick and mortar location that is untidy, impractical, or showing its age, you’re limiting your growth. With the new year upon us, there’s no better time than today to remodel your commercial space and improve your business for years to come.

But what exactly does it take to build a commercial space that wows your customers? There are a range of items one must check off, many of which are highly dependent on your clients’ needs, wants, and specific location. However, you can safely assume that the following items should and will be addressed by a competent contractor looking to build a safe and attractive commercial venue.

Check for Property Violations

If your commercial property hasn’t had a business owner renting it out in a while, chances are, there may be some building code violations. Problems with your AC, fire protection system, roofing, etc., can all come from unresolved maintenance from a previous, long-gone tenant. If you do not address and fix these issues, they can grow worse and it can cost you and arm and a leg later.

While glaring issues can be spotted by you during a routine walk-through of the property, it’s best to hire a professional like an Engineer or Architect who can spot potential violations for you and address them before it worsens.

Review Your Certificate of Occupancy

We can’t stress this enough. Check your CO before you commit to hiring a commercial contractor in Bakersfield who can transform or remodel your commercial space. Changing a CO can get pretty pricey. If you sign a lease on a commercial space and would like to turn it into a restaurant or recreational facility, but your CO does not allow this, you may find yourself in a bind.

Let’s say you own an independent bookstore and you want to use your property’s yard for a patio where book clubs, classes, and similar events can take place. If so, you will need to check if your CO allows this, otherwise, you will need to go through the proper channels to update it.

Check Your Property’s Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

Is the space you’re planning on remodeling able to support your future venture? If you need an open-concept office but the property’s walls can’t be moved, that creates a barrier, no pun intended, on your development plans. If you’re planning on running a restaurant in a space that was formerly a shopping center, checking your plumbing, electrical, and gas is vital because those will be used more to handle the cooking.

Here Are Some Beautiful Commercial Spaces We’ve Worked On

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Like any remodel project, commercial renovations that are planned and spearheaded by the right team can bring you so much success! When hiring a contractor in Bakersfield, make sure they tend to the 3 areas above and have a portfolio of work they can show you. For all your commercial remodel needs, call Brase Contracting today!

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