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What Goes Into Building A Chef’s Kitchen?

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With Brase Contracting by your side, the kitchen of your dreams can now come to fruition! But you still have a few things to consider like the features you want your new kitchen to embody. The cabinetry, design, style, and color scheme are all up to you. But before we dive into what goes into creating a master kitchen, there are a few areas homeowners should note before the process begins.

Getting Into the Remodel Mindset

As you begin to plan your kitchen remodel, consider how much work it’s going to take and how much everything will cost. If you plan on completing the work yourself, your timeline will most likely be stretched further and you will have to possess a range of construction skills and free time to accomplish the remodel. However, if you hire a general contractor in Bakersfield, CA, you will need to research the company extensively, get an estimate, and adhere to their schedule as they work in your home for the time being.

Most savvy, DIY homeowners think that doing remodels themselves will help them save costs. And while sometimes, that is the case, the best way to ensure that your kitchen remodel is completed correctly, on-time, and on a consistent budget without surprise costs is by offloading most of the design, construction, and management to a general contractor like Brase Contracting.

Proper Design and Planning

After you’ve hired a reliable and trustworthy general contractor who specializes in kitchen remodels, and you have a clear design and construction plan with a set budget, you can realistically brainstorm the design of your future kitchen. While there are a host of kitchen remodel plans you can implement, consider these four standard plans that work for most kitchens in most homes. 

One Wall Kitchen

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Corridor Kitchen

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L-Shape Kitchen

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U-Shape Kitchen

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Floor Design Options

Your kitchen’s flooring usually comes last in your overall remodel and build because if you were to do it first, as you remodel cabinets and other features, you can scrape the flooring. Brase Contracting understands this. Once they move to the final stage and prepare to install your flooring, the time it will take will depend largely on the type of flooring you’ve chosen.

Tile Flooring

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Laminate Flooring

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Hardwood Flooring

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Installing Cabinets & Countertops 101

Though it may look simple, installing countertops the right way can be tricky. Materials such as corian or formica are difficult to purchase and install on your own as they need to be made and installed by authorized builders. Other materials like granite, marble, and quarts are bulky, often expensive, and best handled by a professional team who can install those materials on your new countertops to your specifications.

Here are some items your general contractor should know when installing your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Knowing the difference between framed and frameless cabinets
  2. Deciphering the appropriate cabinet width
  3. Installing cabinets before countertops
  4. Considering the countertops’ thickness when measuring the position of the cabinets.

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